About VPS Hosting Definition

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides space on a computer for multiple companies to run their IT services, spreading both hardware and maintenance costs across multiple users, though sometimes the load may be so heavy that response times suffer. Each has its own operating system and each customer has access as a superuser. VPS is one of the commonest applications of what has become known as “Cloud Computing”. There are clear implications for security and VPS needs to be carefully managed – but that is also true of in-house computing.

This site exists to spread knowledge and expertise in all areas relating to Virtual Private Servers and Virtual Dedicated Servers (which are, effectively, the same thing). We focus on advantages such as reduced cost, scalability, control and security and warn of risks like service levels. The rise of managed hosting in VPS also finds a home here and we pay a good deal of attention to managing communication and identifying (and showing how to avoid) possible weaknesses in a managed system and making sure the contract is the best available.

Then there’s the special case of VPS Hosting for WordPress, important because more than one website in four around the world is now a WordPress site, and such issues as operating systems (Windows or Linux) – some applications will not be happy under one or the other – and configuration: RAM and storage, data transfer, backup and who will do it; the list is long. Our aim is that answers to all questions should be available here.