Why Every Blog Should Have VPS Hosting

For most bloggers, a shared hosting plan is usually their first choice, especially when their blog is in the preliminary stages. However, most people start noticing the limitations of this plan when their web traffic increases. This is where VPS hosting comes into play. Even with the smallest package, a blogger is able to access a wider range of resources that allows for more effective hosting and management.

The merits of VPS Hosting

  • Security – VPS Hosting provides a user with a unique IP address thus offering greater privacy and better data safety, as seen in case of www.holmsecurity.com, in addition to administrative rights that give users greater server control. This feature also allows for customization and software installations.
  • Reduced costs – VPS hosting bridges the gap between a dedicated hosting platforms and shared hosting. This enables bloggers to continue enjoying the same advantages but at reduced costs. With VPS hosting, users can host different sites on their servers such as Drupal and WordPress, thus expanding their abilities without having to compromise on their overall performance.
  • flexibility-vpsFlexibility – The flexible nature of VPS hosting allows users to run different blogs that have different domain names on the same website. This is a feature that is not usually available on shared platforms as this can make managing additional traffic quite a challenge. It therefore makes so much sense to switch from a shared platform to a VPS hosting plan.
  • Greater memory – There’s no reason why bloggers should let increase in web traffic crash their site. The beauty of VPS hosting is that it has larger disk space, RAM, CPU and bandwidth thus giving their computers more power to handle increase in traffic without disappointing their viewers. When experiencing exceptionally high traffic, VPS hosting provides additional memory and CPU time to handle this new traffic.

Bloggers are therefore recommended to consider VPS Hosting.